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This time BMW and Samsung Galaxy Gear team up for something better

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The technology and automobile industry is coming closer these days. Few days back we say the pioneer of automobile industry-Mercedes, pairing up with Pebble for some car driven applications. Now another giant from automobile industry, BMW is pairing up with Samsung for a much cooler utilization of the Galaxy Gear. At the CES 2014 expo, Samsung unveiled one of its application on the Galaxy Gear that can synchronize with the BMW i3’s “i Remote Application” that can give you status information and even allow you to remotely control some car functions.

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The Gear application will be able to show you some BMW i3 information such as battery charge levels, drivable range, and even window and door status- whether open or closed. Not only this, the application will also allow you to remotely adjust the i3’s temperature, so that the temperature is just what you want before you enter your car.

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This all can be done with Samsung’s S voice app. Thus your voice will be just enough to give command to your Galaxy Gear and thus to your BMW i3. For the time being, the demo works only with Galaxy Note III. Here is a video straight from the CES 2014 expo.



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