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3 Archos Smartwatches starting from just $50

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Smartwatches are getting a good grip over the tech market, and now Archos has joined the queue! This CES, there were 3 Archos Smartwatches released.

Archos smart watch view

At the expo, the manufacturer showed its flagship model that comes with e-ink, curved touchscreen and an aluminum casing.

The Arcos Smartwatch is powered by an efficient screen and Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which makes the battery last for a week and half. The watch will be able to connect with smartphones through Android and iOS and deliver notifications and music playback controls. This model will be priced at $130 which will be cheaper than the original Pebble.

Archos smart watch e-ink view

The base Archos smartwatch will use a memory LCD. Its screen size will be 1.55” in diagonal and will display only black and white. This model will be launched first at $50 and will last with two weeks of battery life.

Archos also showed another model that will have 1.8” screen with color LCD. The watch will be priced at $100 and it’s obvious that the color LCD will consume more battery, but still the battery life stands good to two days. Only this model is believed to come with replaceable wrist straps.

Archos view

Once Archos Smartwatches models are out, they are bound to give tough competition to other cheaper devices.


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