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Sony launches a new Core Smartband wearable that will track your life.

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This CES 2014, Sony announces its new Smartband wearable Core that can measure almost every aspect of your daily life. This includes calculating the amount of time you spend walking, the time you spend sleeping, text messaging, exercising, talking on phone and even browsing on the internet.

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Showcasing it as a “life-tracking” device, The Sony Core Smartband will connect your smartphone through Bluetooth. The Core Smartband can track almost everything from social interactions to workout routines. Thus on the Core, you get a grid showing how much time you have spend on each activity. Even if your Core gets disconnected from the smartphone due to some reason, the Core will still continue measuring data and will transfer it to your smartphone once the connection is re-established.

Due to no display on the smartband that battery life of the device stands to impressive 5 days of working. The device has a microUSB port for charging and is completely waterproof.

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Though much information regarding the smartband is not available, Sony CEO Kuni Suzuki said that Sony will keep us updated regarding any new features added to the device and more details will be unveiled at the MWC to be held next month. Here is a promotional video for the device.


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