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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Band could be unveiled at the MWC.

With the Mobile World Congress that is going to be held in Barcelona-Spain in the next month of February 2014, there are all possibilities that the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Samsung S Band could surface there. However, some people speculate that this two devices can be unveiled at an unpacked event where they get better attention from the global community.

Galaxy Gear 2

Galaxy Gear view

IT would be no wrong to speculate that the second version of the Galaxy Gear comes up with all the improved version from its predecessor! In the existing Galaxy Gear launched this September, there were issues regarding the battery life of the smart watch, lack of compatibility with more devices and a bigger price tag. Users would be surely willing that all these areas and domains are addressed properly by Samsung in its Galaxy Gear 2. According to the news, there is a possibility of an organic-light-emitting-diode (OLED) display in the Gear 2.

Galaxy S Band.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-Band view

With the S Band concept, Samsung seems to venture into the health band concept and the new S Band is believed to be paired up with the Galaxy Gear smartphone. The Galaxy S Band would be capable of recording data such as sleep efficiency, distance, calories burnt and similar other. The S Band is a waterproof band that works with an app called S Health 2.0. This clearly shows that the new Galaxy S Band will be launched against the recently announced G Health smart wristband from LG.


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