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Mercedes pairs up with Pebble for a new wearable tech.

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It’s just the start of the year and the biggest Kick-starter funded project-Pebble, is making a big news again! This aint something ordinary, as the biggest automobile juggernaut-Mercedes pairs up with Pebble for a wearable tech device. This news surely gives credence to the fact that automobile and computing technology industries share a very close relationship.

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Pebble has teamed up with the automotive giant for a wearable tech device and that is believed to roll-out in this same year. The Mercedes Benz/Pebble product is believed to get unveiled in the upcoming CES event in January 7-10. Mercedes already has its presence in the smartphone world with its application of the Digital Drive Style. What we can assume is that this new wearable tech will surely have its association with this application.

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In the past Mercedes has also been in the news for making Google Glass application for its vehicles. We keep all our attention hooked to the CES event which is very close and will eagerly wait for the news to be officially out. It’s time to get the wheels on wrists!


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