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LG to come up with G Arch Smart Watch and a Sports Band soon.

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A month ago we had heard a news of LG planning for a G Health Smartwatch soon in 2014. Now, the news seems to be quite prominent as rumors are getting stronger, and if believed, LG along with its G3 is planning to release a G Arch smartwatch and a G Arch fitness band. The names itself suggests the functionality of the two smart wearable computing devices, with the first one looking similar to a Galaxy Gear and the latter one like that of a Nike FuelBand.

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There is as such no official word from LG regarding any kind on launch, but however they confirmed to launch any wearable device ahead in 2014. We will keep our eyes on the CES event for any kind of similar news or release. But it would not be surprise if LG comes with its wrist product as well all expect the same from the Korean tech-giant!

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