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Sony’s new “BT Watch Notifier” gets a FCC nod

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With just four days left for the New Year to begin, everyone is eyeing on the CES 2014 event that is to be held in the early January. Moreover, especially when Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is going to deliver the opening keynote for the commencement, we expect a lot of news form the Japanese giant.

Sony Smart Watch 2 view

Sony has recently registered for an FCC certification for its new unique device in the name of “BT Watch Notifier” (SWR10).  The Watch appears to be somewhat like the Galaxy Gear or the Pebble that has the ability to display notifications and alerts.

Sony recently has launched it Sony SmartWatch 2, but if guessed, this new release can be a low cost replacement to the Galaxy gear and Pebble with similar kind of functionality. The listing also has surfaced the NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. However, there is no word out from Sony regarding its hardware. We hope the mystery of this new wearable device gets unfolded at the coming CES event.


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