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Pebble gets a Windows Phone support.

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Ever since its launch, the E-paper watch from Pebble is gaining unprecedented levels of appreciation and attention from the global community. Recently, Pebble made a news that it is going to have its own dedicated app store as a one-shop destination for all its smartwatch apps. Now expanding its horizons further, Pebble seems to be making the Windows Mobile OS its new home to stay.

Pebble while cycling view

Pebble Smart Watch has gained access to the Windows smartphone through a third party app called as the Pebble Watch Pro. The app is developed by Bad Planet Software and will support all the Windows Phone 8 devices.

However, right now users may not get a full integrated experience on their Pebble Smart Watch, but can surely receive number of alerts on their smartphone like calendar, network, battery and twitter notifications. Users will also be able to control the music on their smartphone via the Pebble music app.

The Pebble Watch pro is priced at a casual 1.99$ on the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can also get the Pebble Watch Life for free that comes with limited functionality.

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