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Software Update for the Samsung Galaxy Gear offers more battery juice.

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Ever since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Gear, we have heard a much talk about the battery life of the device that was a major disappointment for the users. Now, the drill is out! A software update with the latest version MK7 for the Galaxy Gear is out that brings in a couple of enhancements to the device with better improved functionality. Remember this smartwatch is in the top Smartwatches list of 2013.

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The major change in the latest update is the notifications which now support the non-Samsung apps too. This means that now with your Gmail app, you can view the message, details and subject as well. Here are some of the new features that the update offers:

  • Improved battery life: This was always a major issue circulating the Smart Watch as the battery lasted hardly for even one single day. Thus, some hope arises with the update.
  • Improved Range and Connection: The automatic connection of your Gear with the smartphone has been improved and now the range of the Gear with the smartphone has been increased. This means even at a larger distance compared to earlier from the smartphone your Gear will still receive notifications.
  • S Voice search: This is believed to get faster.

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So guys, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Gear, you can get your device updated over the air via the Gear Manager App or get it done through the Samsung KIES via the USB plug-in! Eventually most Samsung Galaxy Gear devices on sale will also have the older version ranking, nominately those on sale on Amazon:


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