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Pebble just spent 600.000$ giving away 4.0000 Pebble Smartwatches

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According to Android Authority sources, Pebble just spent 600.000$ in Pebble Smartwatches by giving them to omputer Scienge and Engineering students across the United States. According to the source above mentioned this is part of the Pebble Education Project and this, of course, will increase the number of students developing applications for the Pebble Smart Watch.

pebble givingaway smartwatches

The Spotlight is on Pebble Smartwatches

In the Smart Watch world, Pebble is being given lots of attention since crasy price reductions in their watches to out-of-stock versions of the machine and now speculation revolves on some big announcement at CES 2014.

The Pebble Education Project

The mentioned source, the Pebble team will offer the watches to the following universities:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachussets Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • And any other university who is interested in this program and applied at the Pebble website.

We pray that the Pebble SDK gets improved with the interaction in a research environment. Additionally we want to see what Sony and Samsung will be doing to increase the number of apps for their smartwatches – These are bigger and they are sitting on huge piles of cash.



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