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Wellograph smartwatch preview

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The Wellograph Smartwatch is a new prototype that combines both the already know smartwatch technology with fitness capabilities but it is a little bit more than an Activity Tracker. First of All, let’s watch this amazing presentation that will make you bristle!

This prototype will be presented at the upcoming CES 2014, so stay tunned for more information on this machine.

Wellograph smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Wellograph is a totally new concept: it has a heart sensor allowing you to know how hard was your exercise. It will also account your pulse, your steps, workouts and other infographics that can be interesting for your health. An interesting feature of the Wellograph is that it reminds you whenever you become idled, in other words if you are sit too much time, Wellograph won’t let it happen.

 Wellograph smartwatch design

While you need to click several buttons in the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the Sony Smartwatch, with the Wellograph you will have the pedometer starting to count your steps as soon as you start walking, without pressing a single button.

Wellograph – A confortable smartfitness smartwatch

It is very lightway (just have a glanss at the bracelet) – it’s genuine leather resistant to any temperature. It also holds nato strap options.

Wellograph bracelet


This smartwatch features a 1.26 inch low-power LCD with integrated front light, sapphire crystal, stainless still and aluminium as materials. The size is confortable for most men and women with 7 to 8.5 inches long. It has a Tri-LED heart sensor, that you can see in the image below, and a 9 Axis Motion Sensor. It features Bluetooth 4.0 LTE and records data for 4 months in the continuous use mode. A good news is regarding battery: it lasts 2 weeks per charge and a maximum of 3 months in the watch-only mode and this is just a 240 mAH battery.

Wellograph smartwatch

The watch dimensions are 1.65*1.30*0.5 inches and it weights 3.52 ounces. Let’s get real reviews of this toy on the CES 2014.



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