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Pebble launches a new OS v1.14 saying ‘Do Not Disturb’.

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The biggest Kick-Starter project of the year is once again making news and this time it comes with the improved and much more enhanced OS v1.14. With some improvements, cool features and fixes the new OS proliferates the performance ante of the watch.

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One of the noticing feature of the watch is its ‘Do Not Disturb’ features that block any incoming notification for a fixed period of time. Here are some of the newly added features and improvements.

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New Features.

  • Do Not Disturb feature that will block some notifications for a fixed period of time.
  • Alarms app update that allows users to create multiple alarms, toggle alarms on/off and edit existing alarms.
  • Improved iOS performance and improved notification control.


  • The unwanted entry into “recovery mode” after updating the firmware 1.13 has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the caller-ID display after a missed call.
  • Fixed an issue when Pebble would keep on vibrating after attending or dismissing a call.
  • Fixed Bluetooth data transfer connectivity issue.

With this improved OS, your experience with you Pebble is going to be smoother! You can get the firmware update by simply opening the Pebble App on your iOS or Android smartphone. Take a look at the Pebble Smart Watch here. 


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