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Pebble Smartwatch price is lower: 119.99$

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In the last week we’ve written about the Pebble being out of stock. It turns out it is back into stores and at a lower price than in the Black Friday. Back then the best deal you could find would be a 149$ Pebble – Now the Pebble Smartwatch is only costing 119.99$, or 87.17€ or 73.6£, making it a nice Christmas deal.

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The Pebble is not the only smartwatch available but is one compatible with a multitude of devices and is one loved by consumers. I believe it would make an awesome Christmas gift. This deal is only available at Amazon and Best Buy stores. At Amazon you will find the device in 2 colours: black, and red while at Best buy you will only be able to buy the Black Version. The grey version is still much more expensive.

Here is the deal at Amazon for the Black version:

Here is the red version deal:

And here the grey version, much more expensive:


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