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Samsung takes Santa’s help to promote the Galaxy Gear!

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The festive season of Christmas is too near, and it would be to no surprise to see every electronic store being decorated and filled up with the latest tech gadgets! Samsung too, smartly captures the mood of this season and brings in Santa in order to promote its newly launched Smart Watch, the Galaxy Gear.

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Samsung has launched a video that features a group of audience waiting for Santa. When Santa comes, he shows the audience how the Galaxy Gear works and its various other functions. He shows the Gear’s ability to make calls, capture pictures, and various other things that normal watches don’t do in practice. Ultimately what Santa declares is that it’s “not a watch”, but instead “a miracle”.

Till date, figures show that Samsung has sourced nearly 800,000 watches in the market. With Christmas, Samsung seems to be catching the sentiment of time and make the most of its Galaxy Gear sales! Check the Galaxy Gear specifications here.

Additionally, we must remind you that with the rumours of a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, the Gear 1 price is decreasing @ Amazon and other websites, making this a nice opportunity to acquire the Gear 2. Actually, it would make a very nice Christmas Gift:


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