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Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch 2.0

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Smart Watches are capturing all the mood of the tech market right now! Day-in and Day-out we are getting many news from the tech world that are making rounds of this device. This time we have spotted the Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch.

Omate TrueSmart view

The Omate TrueSmart comes with a 1.54 inch display with a 240×240 resolution and shows a variety of watch faces. The apps on the screen will appear in grid, however they can also be clubbed in a single folder. The Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch 2.0 runs an Android 4.2.2 and promises to run Google Play as well! Additionally on the right side the watch has two “home” buttons with a lens in the middle for a 5 megapixel/720p camera. You can also see any notification just by a flip from the top, similar to that you do it in your smartphone. The metal body gives the smart watch a very robust look and is completely sealed to make it water-resistant.

truesmartmore view

The watch also has a SIM slot providing the facility to its users to make calls. There is a built-in dialer and an address book as well! The watch is available in two different models of 4GB/8GB and are priced at 249$ and 299$ respectively.

The Omate Smart Watch is not yet available on Ebay or Amazon, so stay tuned for more updates.


  1. […] Thr Omate TrueSmart surfaced at the CES 2014 with some new feature. Apart from using the conventional Bluetooth technology to sync data with the smartphone, Omate made use of the built-in-SIM to connect with your smartphone. The Omate TrueSmart is just parallel to a smartphone and allows you to make/receive calls, send text messages, e-mail and even surf the internet on its LCD screen. The watch supports the Android 4.2.2 version for its functionality. Here is the complete Omate TrueSmart review. […]

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