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Vesag Smart Watch Review

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We have heard and talked about various Smart Watches from the tech giants like Samsung, Sony. Moreover, we have also found out that the Smart Watch is having applications in the field of fitness when fitness giants like Nike and Adidas had announced their own version of Smart Watches coupled with various features like accelerometer, heart bit monitoring and many more. With Vesag Smart Watch, it can be found out that Smart Watch has its applications in the field of medical sciences as well!

Vesag Smart Health Watch view

The Vesag Smart Watch comes with a GPS sensor, GSM based mobile network, built on the ZigBee (802.15.4) wireless protocol and supports the HTTP/TCPIP data transfer. The Vesag Smart Watch can be worn as a watch or a pendent, on a ring or a wrist. IT has a built in GPS to track the location and the medicine/task reminders as well for people. Moreover, the in-built wireless feature will help users to communicate easily via web.

The watch smartly detects any faults and will inform the call center immediately for any help. The watch will monitor 17 different health parameters thereby giving an indication to the patients and doctors if any precautionary measures are needed priorly. Additionally, the watch has GPS based clock, built-in microphone or speakerphone and an SOS button to notify the call center in case of emergency. With all these functions, the watch offers a considerable 60-72 hours of standby time operation. Here are the two videos that will show you the performance of the watch.

1)  How to pair ECG with Vesag.

2)  How to pair the Pulse Oximeter with Vesag

The Vesag health watch has served the medical fraternity across the globe on a large scale. For this fabulous effort, Vesag has earned great reputation and won many accolades from the global community. To purchase this watch or see more information about it, visit the Vesag website here.


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