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Apple iWatch may play a crucial role to boost the Smart Watch sales.

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Studying the recent trends of the Smart Watch market, analyzing the product strategies, scrutinizing the market flow and predicting the future scenario, Digitimes has come out with their own statistical data about how the Smart Watch market will fare ahead.

According to Digitimes Research, it is believed that the competition in the smart watch segment between standalone models that operate independently without a smartphone and the accessory models that rely on smartphones for their operation.

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Moreover Digitimes Research has also predicted that the entry of Apple’s iWatch will be the major turning point in the tech industry which will uplift the smart watch market to new threshold levels.

Apple’s strong marketing strategy is believed to catalyze the demand of smart watch by considerable figures. Figuratively, if Apple launches its iWatch in the second-half of 2014, the smartwatch annual shipment is estimated to be 5.92 million units for 2014, 22.79 million units for 2015 and 75.76 million units in 2016 which is a pretty steep increase in the graph. In the above mentioned figures, Apple is believed to grab a larger share of the pie.

Well, for fans like us, we are anxious to listen the official statement from Apple!


  1. “Digitimes has come out with their own statistical data”

    No data exists. I think you mean:
    “Digitimes has come out with their own guesses”

    There’s a small but significant difference. You’ll thank me later.

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