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Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

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We are hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Gear + Note 3 and we have made a quick video to show you how’s the felling of having a watch like this and therefore we’ve made the Samsung Galaxy Gear review where we show you how simple steps are accomplished in this device and why it is going to be so much popular.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Features

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is powered by a 800 MHz Exynos single-core processor (you don’t need multitasking here) and has a Super AMOLED touchscreen, with 320 pixel-wide and 277 PPI of pixel density. The camera has 2 megapixel with auto-focus, 720p video recording, a back-illuminated sensor, a speaker and noise cancelling microphones.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

An awesome feature of the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the 4GB of internal disk memory, 512 MB of Ram and the fact it has accelerometer and a gyroscope.┬áThe battery may work for 1 entire week as it has a 316 mAh battery. Nonetheless to put it charging you’d need to connect it to a special docking case. There is a lot to be improved in terms of battery.

The Gear Feeling

There are not many apps available for this smart watch as its recent, but one can speak a bit about the feeling of touching the device – and this is all these review is about. Samsung opted to make a simple machine that would conduct simple tasks like checking the time, the weather, read messages and quickly reply to missed calls or messages. At the same time Samsung left space for apps to be developed using this technology but even so, there are not many available in the market.

In what regards using the Galaxy Gear, you just have to be aware you can swipe in 4 directions, touch, long-press, press in the right button and long-press in the right button. Overall, these are 8 actions you can take besides touching in specific areas of the phone. These are enough tools to navigate in the menu, switch between messages, go back to the main menu, etc.

The Gear Price

The Galaxy Gear costs 300$ and is compatible with Samsung devices with NFC, like the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S4. You can get it via Amazon here:


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