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Nike will come with its Smart Watch in the first half of 2014.

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The Smart Watch market seems to get more dense and populous day by day as new companies are venturing and coming out with their own version of Smart Watches. The sports giant Nike has announced that it will come with its own version of Smart Watch in the first half of 2014, according to Taiwan’s supply chain.

According to sources, Nike is currently having trial production of their smart watch at the EMS firm Flextronics International. So this time we may see the Nike+SportWatch in addition to its FuelBand SE concept that currently exists. However, the FuelBand SE is paired up with iOS only. But looking at the popularity of Android based Smart Watches, it could be strongly predicted that Nike may launch their Smart Watch on the Android platform as well. Nike currently accounts for 30% of the global sportswear market. In order to meet expectations of such a huge customer base, it will launch its Smart Watch soon.

We have earlier seen the Adidas Smart Watch launched earlier in November. The watch was priced nearly at 400% and had variety of features catering to the fitness regime.

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