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Is Pebble Smart Watch Out of Stock?

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Many buyers have been trying to get the Pebble Smart Watch and the grey color tends to be a great fit for any type of cloths. Unfortunately and even with a 20$ discount for the last Black Friday on the Pebble, very few buyers were able to purchase the grey color Pebble as it was out of Stock.

pebble smart watch grey

If you are looking to know more about the Pebble watch, make sure you read the Pebble Smart Watch review and the comparison with the Galaxy Gear and others.

Is the Pebble Smart Watch Out of Stock or Overpriced?

The out of stock is referred to the main retailers offering the Pebble in the USA like AT&T, but online and in Europe, the Pebble is available in grey color, but it is overpriced as you can check here:

300$ for the Pebble is, indeed, very high and at this value you can get the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The best thing for now is to way a couple of weeks because the grey Pebble is on its way, or get one of the other colors, like these:


When will the Pebble Grey be available again?

Yes. The Pebble team just released a tweet announcing the Pebble Smart Watch in grey will be available in Mid-December in the main stores and in time for Christmas:

pebble grey christmas



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