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Pebble Smart Watch on sale on Amazon

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There are several projects pledging money on Kickstarter for Smart watches, but none of those have been so successful as the Pebble Smart watch. Have a look at this Pebble Review here and we bet you will be delighted with this watch that easily integrates with iOS and any Android devices. The breaking news are: Pebble is available at Amazon, ready to ship before Christmas.

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Why should you get the Pebble Smart watch on Amazon?

If you opt for the Amazon website you can get the lowest price for this watch. Do notice that the Amazon price is 299.99$ but you should get the watch from other sellers such as “The Computer Guy” that offers the watch at 159$ – The characteristics are the same – the watch is brand new, it has full warranty and shipping is made in 24 hours.

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Pebble Smart Watch or the Galaxy Gear?

If you have not made your mind yet, then we believe you should check this comparison with the Galaxy Gear. To make the Pebble run with your device only minor tweaks are needed, while with the Galaxy Gear complete roots can be required even if we’re speaking about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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 What customers think of the Pebble?

Out of 58 reviews, 36 gave 5 stars to this watch and an average ranking of 4.1 stars. Make sure you visit Amazon and check the 58 comments and only then decide!


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