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Gartner predicts the future of Smart Watches.

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The Smart Watch buzz is resonating with more frequency everyday as tech companies are coming out with new concept and constant efforts to improvise this wearable computing device and make them even more user friendly. With new news constantly circulating around this gadget, it seems that smart watches have held a strong grip in the smart world, but according to the industry research firm – Gartner, the story might be completely different.

Smart watches on the dias view

According to the recent polls held in US, it showed that Smart Watches has still some more time to capture the larger spectrum of the market. Gartner explains that the price that is coupled with the device along with its actual utility explains only few reasons why that someone would look forward to shell out money from their pocket. Even though the tech companies have released the Smart Watches from past 3-4 months, it is now when the Smart Watch market is witnessing some rising sun.

Annette Zimmermann from Gartner said in an interview “Samsung and other well-known vendors have recently entered the smart watch space, yet the products we have seen so far have been rather uninspiring in terms of design, available apps and features.”  Samsung, according to its market analysis, has released the figure of 800,000 sales till date, but reviewers have criticized it as not so good device to hog on, and moreover the device is much talked for a disappointing battery life.

Gartner further said that it may take some time till Smart Watches become completely acceptable among users and really serve the cause to prove to be a true companion to users for smart applications. This might be the reason that biggies like Apple and Google are away from making any kind of official new and might be waiting to predict the correct time for the release of their own versions of Smart Watches.

Well, we be optimistic looking at a broader picture and our team at Uber will constantly come up with any news from the Smart Watch world. Stay tuned!


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