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Smart Watches will be now powered by the Solar Energy.

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With a plethora of tech devices launched by new tech companies daily, the most pertinent question that users are asking is “how big is the battery life”? The wearable computing devices which are today famous as smart watches are receiving attention not only from the smartwatch/mobile community but various battery designing companies are also focusing and concentrating on this gadget.

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Alta Devices Inc. who makes solar cells for military applications, is constantly under talks with various tech companies to power up their smart devices with solar cells. Rich Kapusta- the vice president of Alta said in an interview that they are constantly under work to power up smart watches with solar cells so that users can have still more increased hours of operation with their device. On being asked further he said that companies like Apple is working on such products and has registered with the name of iWatch in some countries like Japan.

With the solar cells as an additional support to the battery would add up to merely 2-4$ of the device cost. The gallium-arsenide cells produced by Alta would be able to convert nearly 28.8 percent solar energy into electricity and this could make a considerable difference in the total hours of smart watch operation.


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