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Is the Corporate Business Sector a new platform for Smart Watches?

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This wearable computing devices which are today famously known as Smart Watches are making a new home in almost every field of technology and business. The tech giants like Sony and Samsung have already cooked up their version of Smart Watches while the news is still on the wait from Google and Apple that has still hold the anxiety amongst fans. Smart Watches apart from just being smartphone friendly, have also found its applications in the business sector.

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Various platforms where Smart Watches can offer smart solutions to business.

  • Work flow Approval: In any business corporate environment, there are several approvals that have to be addressed on daily basis. This includes purchase or export approval, production approval, tender or contract approval and similar others. We could certainly think of a possibility where all these approvals can be made just at a touch on the smart watch by bosses and get procedures streamlined.
  • Dual-Factor Authentication: This involves that every employee has a unique ID on their smart watches through which he can access the internet and other LAN facilities of the office. This will ensure safety and authentication of every employee.
  • Location Based Notification: Determining the production culture of the office the smart watches will give indication by vibration or ring to notify the completion of the production batch even if you sit remotely from the production area. The concept can also be applied to notify employees in case any failure occurs.
  • Improve safety: Smart Watches can cater to the safety notifying feature of the plant and can indicate any loose ends in safety so that precautionary measures can be met earlier.

Thus there are many other ways in which smart watches can cater its services to the corporate world. Just get a smart eye for it.


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