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How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch?

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Taking screenshots is not something easy to be done in a smartwatch. There is no built in function so far in the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and therefore we must do it using a harder process – your personal computer. We are going to show in this article a step by step on how to take screenshots from your Galaxy Gear.

Download the Android Developers Tool

To get the screenshot you must pretend you are a developer, i.e. you must download the Android SDK. Visit this link and then click on the blue labeled link to download the Android SDK.

How to download android sdk


Make sure you sign the terms and conditions by checking the box and choosing either 32bit system or 64 bit. If you don’t know yours just put 32 bit.



Android SDK agreement Smartwatch


The full package is zipped and has 480mb. The download will be quick if you have a good internet connection.

500mb Android SDK


Now click on the downloaded file and make sure you execute the SDK Manager. exe:

SDK Manager


After you have the program opened. Make sure you install all the files that are not installed:

Install SDK Packages

After this, open Dalvick Debug Manager. Just go to the adt-bundle folder, double click in the SDK folder, Then on Tools folder and finally on the ddms file. A command propmpt window will be opened, just sit back, relax and wait a bit. 10 seconds gone? Dalvick Debug Manager is now opened.

Now you need to connect the Samsung Galaxy Gear to the PC. Place the Gear in the charging dock and connect to your computer. The Dalvik Debug Monitor will show up the device.

To get screenshots just click on “Device”, select Screen Capture. That easy! The captures screenshot will show up in a popup. You can then Refresh to make a new one; Rotate, Save or Copy!

PS: Make sure you have enabled USB DEBUG in Settings – Gear Info. If you are using the latest firmware you must click soome 8 times in the Software version before you can see that option.

Here it is our first screenshot


We must agree this is not easy, but essential if you are a professional



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