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Top 3 apps for the Sony Smart Watch

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App developers are today developing large apps for the two smart watches already released by Sony. Today, the Sony Smart Watch that is running on the Android platform has got a variety of apps that are available on the Android Play Store. Here we will take a look at the top three apps that perform excellently on the Sony Smart Watch.

Watcher – The Smart Watch Camera

Designed for both the models of Sony Smart Watch, this apps works as your personal security and spy camera. It features includes a front and back camera along with motion detection. The app also works even when the phone is locked. Additionally you will be able to operate the Watcher from your phone as well! The app also allows to take pictures while swiping the watch face and even capture it in auto-focus mode. The watch also has an auto-screen time-out to save your watch’s battery.

The Watcher view

K-9 Mail

The K-9 Mail for the Sony Smart Watch works to manage all the emails on your smartphone. It will give you notifications every time you receive an e-mail. The app will display the name of the sender along its time of sending, subject of the message and a preview of the message text in about 500 words. You can also open the mails from your watch screen and even delete them when needed.

K-9 Mail for Sony Smart Watch view

Tic Tac Toe Game

If you are missing your childhood times, here is a good chance to get it back! You can play this game on your Smart Watch for amusement while travelling daily on your office routes or while moving out in any public travel. This game on your Smart Watch will be much easy to play on the small screen and would not allow you to get bored at all.

Tic Tac Toe for Sony Smart Watch view


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