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Is it a Microsoft Smart Watch or a Nokia Smart Watch?

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Earlier there had been many rumors about Nokia Smart Watch to be arriving in the market. The photo leaks across various websites had caused a great buzz in the Smart Watch market.

Nokia has already filed a patent application last year in August for a “multiple-segment wearable accessory”. This Smart Watch concept from Nokia is called Facet. Its specifications and images suggest that the wearable accessory is supposed to have different segments of display that would cover your entire wrist.

Nokia's multi-display smart Watch concept view

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear we have recently seen the camera being mounted on its strap belt. However, from Nokia this is simply a patent application which leads to predict that the Finnish giant may be out with this a similar kind of Smart Watch. However, looking at the fact that Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s device business just in 2014, the probability with Nokia coming soon with a Smart Watch gets lesser.

With the Google Smart Watch and the Apple iWatch still being rumored, Nokia adds the further guess. It is quite possible that Nokia may assist Microsoft in making a Smart Watch.

Get a more closer look at the Nokia Smart Watch Facet here.


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