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What is 3-D gesture-recognition for Smart Watches?

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With Smart Watches rolling out in more and more numbers, tech giants are trying to incorporate high-end features in their Smart Watches so that they can serve the user community with additional new features. The wave to introduce a 3D gesture recognition in Smart Watches has arose within the global community.

Gesture Interface ultrasound chip view

Researchers at the University of California have been working to introduce a small new chip in your Smart Watches that could recognize 3D gestures by which you can operate your Smart Watch. This technology known as Chirp, is introduced at the Chirp Microsystems, which will produce the 3D gesture recognition and sell it to hardware manufacturers. The chip is basically an ultrasound chip that uses the ultrasound waves to recognize motions.

Chirp will make use of Sonar via an array of ultrasound transducers, which will send ultrasound pulses outward and will be echoed off from any objects in your path such as your hand movements. Those echoes will come back to the transducer and the connected electronic chip will measure the elapsed time.

Gesture Interface for Smart Watches view

The team at Chirp believes that their technology of bringing electronic chip along with ultrasound chip will result in more accurate response to gestures and would lead to low power consumption. This technology introduced from Chirp will be functional both, in dark as well as bright light.

The baking of this new feature in Smart Watches show that companies are taking this gadget more seriously and are constantly working with new innovative ideas to give best product to its customers.


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