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Why WIMM Smart Watch didn’t work?

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All tech giants have today ventured into the Smart Watch business as they have witnessed a potential market in this business genre. With Samsung releasing its Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, all eyes are now on the two tech rivals-Apple and Google, to come out with their own smart watches out in the market. Speculations are made that by this year-end both of them will come out with their Smart Watch device.

WIMM One view

You might have heard about the WIMM labs working on Smart Watches. These labs have now been acquired by Google, who is using the expertise of the WIMM team involved in Smart Watch making. Thus it seems pretty obvious that Google will roll out its own Smart Watch this year-end. We will have a look at the reason why WIMM Smart Watch did not click the market.

Way back in 2011, WIMM had launched an Android Smart Watch – WIMM One. However last summer, WIMM declared that it had stopped working on its product line and has entered in an exclusive, confidential relationship.

WIMM Smart Watch view

Why could not WIMM break the ice??

The WIMM Smart Watch had a dual mode display with monochrome as well as colored touchscreen when needed. But, there were some other features too that caused the device to not work well. The Watch was ungainly and thick. Moreover the battery life was a big question as the watch would collapse after a few hours of operation only. Moreover presumably in 2011 the Smart Watch concept had not kicked that well as of now, as people were more inclined to get a Smart Phone rather than any other smart device. Additionally, it could also be said that WIMM went short of promoting the product well!

Well now lying in the hands of Google, it pretty much seems that WIMM along with this tech giant would surely have a bright future ahead.


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