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Smart Monitor Smart Watch Review

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Smart Watches have served to provide very smart solutions and offers smart way of dealing with the day-to-day activities of human beings. Today, a large number of smart watches have gripped the smart world very firmly and offers a huge variety of features parked on the wrists of your hand. Some smart watches are specifically designed to target fitness freak audience whereas others are designed to provide all the functions that your smartphone can do.

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The Smart Watch from Smart monitor is specifically designed to monitor all the movements of your family members and care givers and give instant alerts to your Smart Watch. Its smart features include motion detection, instant alerts, event recording & secure access, audible alarms, GPS navigation, contact storage and medication reminders.

This clearly shows that the Smart Watch from Smart Monitor targets a specific group of audience that caters to this requirements. The Smart Watch detects repetitive shaking sending all the details of location, date and time to the smart phone of your family members or care givers. The details are sent via phone calls alerts or text alerts. This Smart Watch is available in two models of Silver and Gold. This Smart Monitor Smart Watch is compatible with variety of Android phones that includes a list of Samsung Galaxy phones and Nexus phones.

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This Smart Watch uses cloud computing services wherein all your monitoring data is stored in your cloud account. The watch is also available in various strap colors that suits your style and needs. It is available at a fairly introductory price of just 19.99$ and 29.99$. Once the watch is bought you can get free updates for the software.


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