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Z1 Smart Watch Review

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The Z1 smart watch stands to be a stiff competition to its equivalents and other smart watch competitors of its zone. The watch is loaded with high-end features and offers a higher intellect quotient in terms of functionality. It is quite possible that reading further, you might end up asking yourself a very pertinent question-Is it a Smart Watch or a Smart Phone??

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The Z1 Smart Watch offers a Mediatek ARM9 processor that operates at a pretty good speed of 426 MHz. The RAM memory is nearly 256 MB that makes your operations run in a fluidic manner without any kind of hesitation. A 2.0” display screen is quite large that helps you manage your functions easily. Moreover, it comes with a 300 MB internal storage and a way-too-good 8 GB expandable storage. This helps you keep all your stuff just at the wrist of your hands.

In addition to this, the Z1 Smart Watch has an in-built WiFi and a Bluetooth 2.0 in it. Additionally it also offers a SIM card slot along with a microphone and speaker. This enables you to receive as well as make calls at any instant of time. The watch also offers a 2.0 megapixel camera that comes handy to capture your surrounding details.

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The watch is designed to function at GSM frequencies of 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz respectively. The battery life is 800mAH that serves you well for a larger period of time. The stand-by time is nearly 36 hrs and the talk-time is close to 4 hrs. The Z1 Smart Watch is running on almost all Android versions from Android 2.2 onwards. It is available at Amazon here:

This heavily loaded package is available at nearly 200$, which stands a fair price put to the device. Well, we need to see that how nicely does the watch strikes the market.


  1. Your article about Z1 smartwatch has got me in confusion. Ia this the the androildy smartwatch that had an fund raising campainge on indiegogo.com?

    • Hi Ruchit,

      I think it was Pebble and not the Z1 ;) But many of them are getting crowsourcing money from those type of websites.

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