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MOTOACTV Smart Watch Review

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The list goes longer and grows larger as Motorola participates in the competition of Fitness Smart Watches. MOTOACTV the fitness watch from Motorola is made for fitness fanatics and targets mostly fitness geeks. This Smart Watch monitors all your fitness schedule and doesn’t not allow to skip on your fitness goals at all!

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This Smart Watch holds a 1.6 inch display and is pretty light to wear. The device has five home screens with Settings, Work out, Time piece, Music and Notifications functions. As it truly focused on your fitness schedule, on the first power up it will ask to enter your age, height, weight and gender so that the MOTOACTV can use this data to calculate your workouts.

Initially what you need to do is just install your MOTOACTV on your PC using the MotoCast. Generate your ID and load all your workout data to your account. An optional WiFi feature is also provided in the watch so that all your data will be synced automatically to your MOTOACTV account, leaving you from the additional effort of connecting your device to your PC.

MotoActv Smart Watch view

You can also sync your MOTOACTV with your smartphone via Bluetooth by downloading MotoActv app from the Android Stores. Once the devices are paired you can operate all your texts, notifications, calendars and similar functions. The watch also has a call back function to return the favor for any missed calls on your phone.

The MOTOACTV is GPS capable that helps you find your path while running, cycling or walking. Additionally the watch has a virtual competitor that competes with you for fitness and serves, to boast you, to perform better day by day. The MOTOACTV Golf Edition comes with a Golf app that manages your scorecards, clubs and all other key data whilst golfing. The battery life is pretty good and accompanies you for a period of 3 days. The MOTOACTV will be available to you at a cost of 250$ approximately.


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