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Kreyos Smart Watch Review

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If you think that you really own a very good Smart Watch, then please give your thought a second chance! Yes, the Kreyos Smart Watch will be soon out this November to offer you larger surprises. Taking a look at the device features, it seems to be very appealing and catchy.

Kreyos Meteor Smart Watch

The watch has a 1.26 inch display with a fairly 144×168 pixels resolution. This Smart Watch will be compatible with three major smartphone interfaces- iOS, Android and the Windows Phone 8. Moreover it would be the only waterproof smart watch that provides with a microphone as well as a speaker. However, this Smart Watch is capturing larger attention because of its voice command and gesture feature. You just need to pair your Kreyos Meteor with your smartphone via the Bluetooth 4.0 and get started!

Kreyos Meteor Smart Watch view

The watch will allow you to make calls, receive mails or texts, control music and many such features. Kreyos has moved a step further than its competitors and will provide a six-axis accelerometer. This will enable you to communicate with your smartphone in a much easier way by just moving your wrist. Moreover its in-built gesture function will allow you to control various functions at your ease, even without touching your Kreyos.

Kreyos in different colors view

This Smart Watch will be water resistant and will be your companion for every season of the year. For fitness geeks the watch will provide every related information like calories burnt during exercise, number of steps walked or distances covered.

The watch is believed to operate in eight different Unicode languages and will be available in five different color variants. Moreover, its battery life is very long lasting and will serve the user with a very healthy experience of nearly a week (7 days). This entire complete package will be available at just 169$, giving a run-for-the-mile to its competitors.

 Just go, get the Kreyos and enjoy its meteoric large experience.


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