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Top 5 Best Features in Smart Watch

The Smart Watch dice has started to roll faster and the competition between various companies is getting stiffer. With plethora of smart watches available in the market, consumers are paying more attention for the essential features that meet their requirement. Different companies are releasing their Smart Watches with a variety of features that could make their smart watch device stand apart in comparison to its competitors. Here is a list of top 5 features in the Smart Watches that fans look while buying the gadget!

1) Style and Display

The design of the device plays a very vital role in attracting its customers. The look of the smart watch is the prima-fascia report of the device that lures the customers to have a further dig into the device. Moreover the display quality is a feature that can grab the viewer’s eye easily. The super AMOLED displays as seen in the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the e-paper display from Pebble has recently been the USP of the device.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch view

2) Flexible interface

The interface of the Smart Watch with various other devices is a deciding factor whether the device will be a hit or not. There are many Smart Watches available that can work with the two famous- Android or iOS interface. Moreover some companies also offer the versatility of having a customizable interface according to users need. Pebble and the Metawatch can be integrated with both iOS and Android.

Pebble while cycling view

3) Notification managing functions

It is imperative that the device should notify the users for every new notification on the phone. Mails, texts, calls, social networking all this should be made easy and quick bringing it to customers ease and satisfaction. The actual importance of the Smart Watches get elevated if these features are properly taken care off!

4) Battery Life

Usually the battery life of the smart device is a crucial and highly important function. An inferior or mediocre battery life gets the user annoyed. If the battery gets drained faster it is obvious that your Smart Watch will be your companion for a very short period of time. Usually higher resolution displays are bound to consume a larger part of the battery. Well, in this it can be said that technology comes at a cost!!

5) Additional Feature

Customers usually look for what extra apart from normal functions has the Smart Watch to offer?? Today various Smart Watch comes with features like low energy 4.0 Bluetooth, accelerometer function, motion sensors, water proof feature, and other fitness embedded apps. If the Smart Watch is having such features it will certainly lean the customers to opt for the device.
These Smart Watch features play a crucial role and are the deciding factors, which help the customers to decide what exactly they want and make a smart move while buying the Smart Watch.