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Suunto Ambit Smart Watch Review

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The Suunto Ambit is basically a sports watch that is designed for fitness freaks. The watch sports a traditional look and comes with an integrated GPS feature that is used for precise positioning. We will take a complete look at the watch.

Suunto Ambit Smart Watch Design

The watch is fairly bulky in size and its strap is quite sleek with gaps that allow good amount of air movement. The watch is robust and rugged and is tested in several atmospheric conditions by subjecting it to variety of different situations.

Suunto ambit while tracking

The Suunto Ambit is specifically designed for navigators to help them guide out at several locations. The watch has an in-built GPS that tracks the instantaneous movements and give you your precise location. The GPS offers navigational aids and has a sensitive barometer that is used to give accurate results.

The display is dot matrix resolution rather than any full color or HD display! Suunto Ambit allows you to change the black and white proportion and manage the visibility depending on the light conditions.

Suunto Ambit your fitness companion view

A very appealing feature of this watch is that Suunto Ambit allows you to customize and download the apps making the user interface of the watch much simpler! The watch allows you to create set of screens that you can set for different activities. There are apps like “marathon total time remaining” to determine the time left to complete your marathon. If you are out in the hills, its sensitive barometer gives you reading of changes in altitude and weather.

Taking a dig into its battery life, Suunto Ambit will be your companion for a very short time of about just 15 hours on regular use and 30 hours on standby. However you can change the GPS settings to show position every one minute rather than every instantaneous moment. This way you can prolong its battery life to nearly 50 hours which would be quite satisfactory. So when you will be going on a treck the 50 hours battery life comes quite handy.

Overall the watch seems to be very satisfactory specifically to fitness lovers and navigators who go exploring new places.


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