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Adidas comes with Smart Watch fitness solution

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This time it’s the news from the fitness world that seems to adopt the tech way to deal with its fitness solutions. Adidas has made an official news during the GigaOm’s mobilized conference recently in San Francisco that it is soon to launch its smart watch in the market. Adidas has constantly been striving to offer advanced and smarter fitness solutions to its customers with its diverse range of products and this type they seem to gel with the much famous Smart Watch concept.

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The Smart Watch is designed for runners and will support a GPS and heart rate sensor. Taking a smarter step further to offer fitness solutions to its customers, the Smart Watch will determine the pulse rate on the wrist that provides complete details of the workout with in-built motion sensors.

The Smart Watch measures your heart rate and offers personal training solutions. The watch will ask you sometimes to push harder and put some more effort to develop good fitness. With your headphones put on the “personal trainer” will scream in your ears asking you to cover further more distance ahead. However, you can also turn on serene music during your relaxing moments.

Adidas fitness watch view

The Smart Watch from Adidas will come with Bluetooth 4.0 that helps you integrate your watch with mobile devices. The in-built GPS will also help you determine the distance of your running track and will gauge your speed as well!!

The fitness watch from Adidas will offer its customers and fans much smarter solutions to deal with fitness. Taking a further dig in the fitness arena, Adidas has effectively clubbed its fitness solutions with tech gadgets. These holistic approach from Adidas seems to cater the much essential fitness requirements of its customers. Adidas has announced that the watch will be available to its customers on the 1st of this November at a price of nearly 400$.


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