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iPod Nano Watch strap review

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iPod Nano has always been the talk-of-the-town gadget from Apple. Apple has made every effort year-over-year, in order to give a new face to the iPod Nano. When the sixth generation iPod Nano was released in 2010, it much seemed like a wrist watch. Ever since then, various companies have been eyeing to make accessories to fit in this tiny device. Moreover Apple has been constantly upgrading the software for the Nano that includes different clock faces.

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iWatchz is long known for making various watch straps that could fit the device easily and make handy operations of the iPod Nano just at the wrist of your hands. iWatchz has launched these watch straps under two different tags of – Q Collection and the Minimal TikTok. As such both the devices have a similar kind of design with both of them having a silicon band attached to plastic holder. The Q collection has a thin piece of hard plastic whereas the TikTok has a harder and more flexible plastic strip that offers a more firm grip to your music player device.

Q collection from iWatchz view

The watch straps are available in eight different colors and have a supportive metal casing placed on the wrist, on which the Nano fits perfectly! You just need to slide your Nano on the metal casing. Once you place your Nano on the metal casing, the access to your device is still easy and fast. You can easily operate all the buttons and ports on your iPod Nano. The clipping function of your Nano with the watch strap casing is quite firm and so you need not at all worry whether it would accidentally fall.

The watch strap gives a very unique look to your device and makes your music controls fast and quick. The iPod Nano watch strap is available in almost all the nearest Apple stores.


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