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Apple may plan OLED flexible screen for its iWatch display

The Smart Watch market is already crowded with many tech companies trying their hand on it!! All these companies have tried to make their presence felt by infusing some additional features in their Smart Watches. So, with plethora of options available the competition is just getting tougher! Moreover the much rumored iWatch from the tech giant Apple is still on-the-cards.

We all have heard from the flexible display screen in the smart watches. However the possibility of a flexible display has been made possible by engineers using an e-paper display. Plastic Logic Smart Watch has been a perfect example of it.

Apple-iWatch-flexible display view

Since past long time the prototype of the Apple iWatch has been the news, raising the level of anxiety within the fans further. There were various models that were assumed like initially the 1.5” screen. Now the 1.3” and 1.4” are believed to be in line with this flexible display screen.

The screen is believed to be a 220 pixel density resolution. It will undoubtedly have an iOS 7 software support and will come with a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology. Moreover looking at the current market trend it can be predicted that all the music features and other high-end features will be incorporated in the watch. The price of the device is believed to fall closer to nearly 400$.

Apple-iWatch-flexible view

Apple Inc. has always been considered to come out with breakthrough devices in the market. Their earlier concepts like iPod, iPhone and Macintosh have already proved their mettle in the market. Moreover, with the smart watch market already very pre-occupied, Apple will have to really launch something out-of-the-box smart watch. The Apple iWatch is rumored to be out this December. Let’s see what the Mecca of technology – Apple, has to deliver!!


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