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Advantages of an E-paper Smart Watch!

Currently the smart watch buzz is resonating at very high frequency in the tech world. Well-known companies like Samsung and Sony have shown their potential in the smart watch market with the Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smart Watch 2. At the same time, other companies like Pebble, Qualcomm and many such have also managed to have a considerable customer attention with their e-paper display technology.

The display of the smart devices has always been a crucial factor for the companies. Companies have always focused on a superior display technologies for its products and have ensured that their customers have the most fluidic experience using their devices. Samsung is well known for its AMOLED screen whereas the retina display from Apple is also very famous. Many companies have ventured to build their Smart Watches with an e-paper display.

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch view

What are the advantages of E-paper display?

The e-paper is an abbreviation of the electrophoretic paper. It uses the E-ink technology that shows the contents on the display in black and white particles that spread on the screen and make it available to us in a readable format. Moreover the basic advantages of e-paper displays are that it enables you to make lightweight smart watches along with flexible display screens. At the same time they are very robust to use and are easily adaptable to various lightning conditions. Moreover the e-paper display satisfies the basic customer need of having a larger battery life as compared to other displays.

Pebble Smart Watch.

However the e-paper display make not give you that exotic experience that the color displays would offer. Watching pics, videos on the color display is certainly an up-hand experience as compared to watching them on e-paper displays.

Liquids in Motion (LIM) is currently working on an e-paper color display and upgrading the technology further. However it is the customer’s decision to see what best suits to their requirement.


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