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Is Google close to release their smart watch – Nexus Gem?

Well, when everyone is looking forward to the Smart Watch world, at the same time fans are eyeing on Google with great eagerness. It’s not official but the news are in-the-air that Google might come up with its Nexus Smart Watch named “Nexus Gem”.

What happened is that Artem Russakovskii of Android Police had posted a rumor on his Google plus account that Google may launch its much awaited Nexus Gem during the official launch of Android KitKat 4.4 on 31st of this October. However it is believed that this smart watch will be made compatible with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 that are also awaiting its release. So if rumors are to be believed, we will be having three Nexus devices this year.

Nexus-smartwatch view

We all know that Motorola is known a sister branch of the tech juggernaut – Google. The release of the rumor shows that Nexus Gem will have somewhat alignment with Motorola x watch which is compatible with Moto X. Thus being integrated with the latest Android 4.4 and having the royal tag of Nexus, it is pretty clear that the device will have something very concrete to offer.

Today there are a large number of Smart Watch devices available in the market. The latest released smart watches from Samsung and Sony have already captured the heat in the market. Whereas other companies like Pebble and Qualcomm have also rolled on the Smart Watch red carpet and they have managed to have a larger customer attention.

Nexus-smartwatch in different colors view

But analysts show that the rumor has received a moderate response from the fans out there, as it might be difficult to the fans to absorb the two new releases from Google. However there are some fans who have eagerly waited for so long to have a grab to this device. What has to be seen is that will the media shutterbugs get a glimpse of the Nexus Gem on the 31st or not.


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