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Pebble SmartWatch vs Sony Smart Watch 2

Just when giant companies like Samsung and Sony have come out with the new versions of their Smart Watches, companies like Pebble Technology are coming out as tough competitors to them in the market. To survive the competing wave, this September Sony is out with its new Sony Smart Watch 2. At the same time Pebble has something that is very similar and lucrative!!

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart Watch has a larger piece of cake to offer to Smart Watch fans. The Pebble Smart Watch will be compatible with both iOS and Android. For its display Pebble adopts the e-paper technology which is known for its large operability and offers a superior battery life of nearly 5-7 days. The display will be 1.26 inch and will come with backlight support that enables you to operate your watch even in dark. It uses the recent Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect to your smartphone. Like Sony, Pebble also comes with four different color variants for its bezel casing. It also has a 3 axis accelerometer that helps you support your fitness schedule strictly. It is waterproof as well and comes at a very competitive price of just 150$.

Pebble - E-Paper Smart Watch view

Sony Smart Watch 2

This device is specifically designed to operate on Andriod 4.0 and above versions. Its display shows its stylishness that comes with a 1.6 inch casing and a 220×176 resolution. Additionally it provides a micro USB charging and an impressive battery life of nearly 3-4 days. The device comes with an inbuilt NFC and is announced as waterproof. As Sony is much known for its music, this device offers good music controls. To match your style this Smart watch will be available in four different color variants. The device is priced nearly at 250$.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

The comparison shows that Pebble is more attractive in overall comparison, but even Sony can capture good market.


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