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Apple iWatch vs Google Glass

We all know about the much heated rivalry that exists between these two smart device makers. Both of them have tamed the world of smart devices for past few years and have ensured that their mind blowing technology and products serve the user community in the most fascinating way. However, today the roars for the much predicted Apple iWatch this year end are getting louder. Whereas recently, in July this year Google brought the world even closer to their Google Glass concept by releasing the device on their website. Before talking much about them let’s see what will the users have this year end.

Apple iWatch

If rumors are to be believed this much predicted Smart Watch will be available this year end. Analysts have predicted that iWatch will come with an OLED display and a 1.5” inch screen. It is believed to come with an accelerometer as a fitness features as Apple share a good rapport with Nike. Additionally the watch is also believed to come with a NFC and home automation feature and will step in the market with a very competitive price of nearly 250$.

Apple iWatch view

Google Glass

This wearable glass device may take some time to get absorbed into people’s minds, but a look at this device features promise you something very concrete. As Google is known for its flexibility to be functional with multitude of other devices, it’s official that Google Glass will be compatible with both iOS and Android. The Google Glass will have a GPS with navigation facility. It also offers you the ease to capture pictures and record videos just on your voice command. Additionally the Google Glass will also help you translate or decode message into the language of your choice. If Google manages to incorporate such luxurious features the glasses with certainly be a gadget than can’t skip your eye.

Google Glass view

So without much hoo-ha from the predictions just wait for the actual release of the device, as once they are out they will surely win hearts.


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