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Google Glass vs Samsung Galaxy Gear

We all know that the Google-Samsung pair has hit the smart world with a larger wave, with Samsung providing the infused silicon chips for the Smartphones and Google providing it with the much required adrenaline named Android to run those chips. However both these tech juggernauts have their own taste for Smart Devices. Google has come out with its wearable glass concept – Google Glass whereas the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Gear has surprised the world with its magnificent features.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

A quick view at the device will propel you to buy it. The device comes with a 1.63” display with a 320×320 resolution and a 4GB storage. Additionally the watch has a super AMOLED screen with 800MHz processor. The watch also offers you a cherishing experience with its 1.9 megapixel camera to capture the surrounding details whenever you want. It comes with a music and video player as well that offers you a 720p HD recording. The watch will also offer a sufficient battery life of nearly. 25 hours. As Samsung is known for its simple and elegant design the watch is available in four different colors of the belt. Make your first choice carefully as the belt is not detachable from the casing. This entire package will be available on the wrist of your hands at a price of close to 300$.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch view

Google Glass

It has been long time that the wearable glass concept is out from Google. This July Google made a much stronger affirmation by launching a website to showcase what their Smart glass – Google Glass has to offer. The watch has almost everything to offer that you can imagine. The glass sports a camera that allows you to take pictures with voice command and record in high definition some of your priceless moments. The Google Glass will have an inbuilt GPS with navigation facility that helps you reach to your destination. If you are looking at some gigantic structures, the glasses measure the complete size of those structures. Moreover the Google Glass helps you translate from English to any of your local languages or vice versa. Earlier rumors said that this glasses will come to nearly 1500$, but the price is believed to be going significantly lower.

Google Glass view

Looking at the specs of both these devices they surely seem to offer you something very special.


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