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Google Glass vs Sony Smart Watch 2

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Right now when huge companies are moving forward to make Smart Watches and are being released in large multitude, at the same time technocrats from across the globe are eyeing on the about to be released Google Glass. The concept of wearable Smart glasses from Google is absolutely new and Google Glass seems to be a quite promising product for tech lovers. As on today the Smart Watch 2 from Sony this September is much watched about.  Let us take a review on what both have to offer.

Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony devices are often known for their style statement and this watch delivers this legacy. The watch sports a display of 1.6 inch on its casing made of aluminum. The resolution is nearly 220×176 which is pretty clear during daylight as well. The watch is built up for Android 4 and above versions and offers an extensive battery life of 3-4 days which is very satisfying. Moreover the noticing feature of the watch is that it comes with NFC, the feature that Sony provides in almost all its high-end devices. The pricing of the device stands near to 250$ and is available in four different color variants.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

You can buy the Sony Smart Watch from Ebay with prices around 300$.

Google Glass

The concept of a wearable smart glasses was absolutely outlandish just before Google came out with their Google Glass. Now just get set for a roller coaster ride as the following features are just breath-taking. The Google Glass listens to your voice commands. When you look at a particular thing through the glasses and say “take a picture” the glasses will capture the details. The glasses offer you video recording feature hands free. The glasses come with inbuilt GPS that help you navigate to your destination. It offers you with a handy translation feature into other language when you read a text through the glasses. With all these heavily loaded feature the Google Glass will be released in the market at a price oh 1,500$ but some analysts say that the actual price might be lower. Well it’s a price for a ‘smarter vision’.

Google Glass view

What needs to be noticed is that will the Smart watches still have a strong grip in the market once Google Glass is released or will Google narrate a completely different story of the smart world. On Ebay you can still find this piece of Google Glasses at very high prices, but it may be of your interest.


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