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The Predicted Apple iWatch Review

With the latest release of Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the Sony Smart Watch 2 the Smart watch concept has gained an elevated attention from the smart world. This year Smart Watches have made their presence felt within the global community and have turned out to be the much talked about gadget. At this time the entire world is eyeing on a similar kind of device from the tech numerouno – “Apple”.

What will the Apple iWatch have in store for the customers??

As such there is no official news from Apple regarding the release of iWatch, but top analysts from across the globe have predicted that there is group of engineers who are working on a flexible device that can be put on your wrists. Here are few predictions that the device from Apple is believed to offer!!

The iWatch view

The Apple iWatch will have a flexible curvature display with OLED screen. The display is believed to take the shape of your wrist with unbreakable feature. Moreover knowing the fact that Apple and Nike share a fat relation it is of no surprise that the iWatch will go serious about the fitness feature. The iWatch can have a Bluetooth low energy connectivity with the iPhone or iPod. The display is predicted to be nearly about 1.5 inch.

Apple iWatch view

Looking with long lasting association of Apple with Siri, the Apple iWatch is believed to have it along with the Maps feature. Adding up to its features the watch can also have authentication, NFC, home automation and flying cars. With all these features the most apt prediction regarding the Apple  iWatch price is believed to be somewhere close to 250$.

What we need to do is to have patience and see that will Apple come out with such a device that is really quite promising enough. Will it really give its competitors with really tough completion?? Well, only coming time can give you answers to this question!! Just wait the iWatch.


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