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Is Nokia looking to give out a big surprise??

Plethora of tech companies have ventured today into the World of Smart Watches. Their engineers are working on a large scale to bring the most elegant Smart Watches loaded with multitude of features, out in the market. However the unofficial news is out that Nokia is soon planning to make a foray onto this market and make their presence felt within the Smart Device user’s community.

What do the pictures of the device written Nokia reveal??

The Chinese source CtechON have released the pictures of what appears to be much like a Smart Watch. The pictures show the chassis of a prototype that Nokia would be working on currently. However the slots at the end seem to be much like a place used to attach a belt for the watch. However Nokia has not come out with any news from their end that supports the fact. But with many companies looking forward to occupy their space in Smart Watch market the possibility of Nokia joining them cannot be completely ridiculed.

Nokia leaked Smart Watch pic view


One thing is sure that if Nokia wants to be still in the market of Smart Devices they will quickly have to be adaptable to this Smart Watch concept and ensure their fans that Nokia offers them the privilege of being a part of this much smarter world.

Side view of the leaked Smart Watch from Nokia view

As the news is completely in the air there has not been any information regarding its specs and other features. However right predictions can be made about the watch as Nokia is potential and willing candidate for Smart Watch creation.

However the two most pertinent questions to be asked are

1)Should Nokia fans wait for the official news from the tech giant to make them satisfied?? OR

2)Should they make a right and quick decision considering this as just a rumor??

Let’s see what is store ahead for the fans!!


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