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MetaWatch Strata Review

As the world of smart devices is getting much attention today, Smart Watches have proved out to be the fuel to help it move faster. Various tech companies are making pertinent efforts so that their user’s kitty is full of surprises at a very competitive price. MetaWatch with another version of Strata strikes the Smart Watch market with a greater bang!!

MetaWatch Strata reviews

Similar to its earlier version of Frame, MetaWatch Strata come with a bit more loaded features at a better price offered!! The MetaWatch Strata comes with a 96×96 pixel resolution but surprisingly the display is very excellent in bright sunlight and dark (supported by backlight) and just a casual glance at the display will offer you all the details present on the screen easily. MetaWatch offers its own Software Development Kit (SDK) and is available with both iOS and Android as well. However the Frame is much known for its sleek and elegant design, Strata offers the much essential durability.


Looking further, the Metawatch Strata comes with an inbuilt 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity with your Smartphone providing a fluidic experienced to receive notification, text or call alerts. Moreover the watch offers a gentle vibrating buzz to help you know about any notifications. With all these features you may be taken aback by its superior battery life of 5-7 days, the most essential feature that users usually look for!!

Strata in different colors view

Offering you with the required lifestyle MetaWatch Strata comes with 5 ATM rating which means that you can have this Smart Watch all the time stapled to your wrist for all your activities from morning to evening. It comes in four color variants too that matches your style. The charging comes with a clip connecting the charging points on the back of your watch with a micro USB port. MetaWatch has placed a very competitive price for its Strata version with just 179$.

Strata during swimming

If you truly feel that MetaWatch Strata has all that you need, just go for the buy without any second thought.


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