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Smart Watch prediction market 2014

The Smart Watch concept has been launched earlier, but the year of 2013 has proved to be quite catching up the heat for the Smart Watch market. Various tech savvy companies around the world have joined the race and are looking forward to staple themselves to this Smart Watch market. They are coming out with lucrative and loaded features and designs. The predictions from analysts across the globe have put a clear picture that 2014 is going to be year where Smart Watch market will witness a good transition with large number of potential buyers being hooked to it.

What actually the Smart Watch predictions say?

The predictions suggest that in 2014 Smart Watches will be available in various retail stores. Right now the online stores are selling the smart watches on large scale. Best Buy stands as the best example for it with major companies selling their smart watches here. However the predictions show that in 2014 retail stores will also be flooded with smart watches and this eye-catching gadget will seek attention on a larger scale. Adjoining figure shows the prediction sells in millions for the corressponding year.

Sales prediction graph of Smart Watches for 2014 view

Big blue-chip tech giants like Google and Apple have also confirmed it that they are looking forward to venture in this market. Recently Google has confirmed that they have took over WIMM who is believed to pioneer in making Smart Watches. Apple too has sparked the news with copyrighting the iWatch term. These news have certainly raised the anxiety in the Smart Watch consumer market.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

The NextMarket Insights have surveyed that in 2014 nearly 15 million watches are going to be shipped and the numbers will go to approximately 30+ million watches in 2015. The Asian markets are believed to grow stronger in 2014 witnessing large number of smartwatch buyers. Many companies are looking to make watches that meet both Android and iOS requirements with additional features of fitness and lifestyle providing the fuel to make your smarter world move faster.

Just get ready to accelerate in the world of smart devices and enjoy the thrill of smarter world.


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