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Boddie – The Smart Watch Evolution Concept

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Are you really anxious to join the club of Smart Watch users? Here is the Boddie Smart Watch that comes to your easiness offering you an exotic lifestyle just on the wrist of your hands.

Boddie Smart Watch Review

The trendy Boddie Smart Watch is compatible to both Android and iOS so that users of both Operating systems (OS) can have the maximum advantage. The Watch comes with a 1.44 inch display an micro USB port for its charging and has its own dedicated OS. It also offers a much superior Bluetooth 4.0/BLE connectivity. The battery also provides the watch with the much required adrenaline to function for a period of 7 days. Making your world even smarter the Watch has an inbuilt accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass and two thermometers.

Boddie Smart Watch view

The watch also offers all the basic functions that enables you manage your texts, calls and notifications. The most convincing feature of the watch is that it connects you online and offline just by twisting your wrist by 180 degrees. This really helps you connect to the world within a blink of an eye. It also allows you to manage your music player effectively. Additionally it has a camera shutter release that enables you to remotely lock or find your Smartphone. the watch also comes in different trendy colors to support your style.

Boddie in different colors

Boddie will serve you as your personal fitness instructor. This Smart Watch keeps track of your regular routine exercise, displays your body temperature and also shows the number of calories burnt during your exercise, offering a smarter way to tame your physical fitness.

Bringing a smarter way to deal with your professional life the watch has an inbuilt Slide Command that caters to your office presentations by just moving your wrist. With this cool features, Boddie is raising money and awareness today through a crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The watch certainly provides an aesthetic feel to your smarter life.


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