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Pebble SmartWatch Release date: Tomorrow at AT&T

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Pebble just announced its e-Paper SmartWatch: The Pebble SmartWatch. Now AT&T announced a release date for the Pebble SmartWatch. It is Tomorrow, the 27 of September. Pebble is one of the first companies investing in the SmartWatches Industry and we immediatelly conotate the Pebble SmartWatch to the huge KickStarter Campaign – They raised more than 10.000.000$

Pebble SmartWatch Release Date

Pebble SmartWatch is already released, but not as a contract. Now with AT&T people will be able to aquire this watch at a lower price. Indeed the Pebble SmartWatch was already available in Best Buy for several months ago, and anyone could have bought it on Ebay or Amazon at very good prices. This e-Paper Watch is going to be released tomorrow on AT&T Website and on it’s local stores across the United States but it won’t be available on all stores, but just some of them. In October it will be expanded.

Pebble SmartWatch Box

Pebble SmartWatch Price

At AT&T the Pebble SmartWatch will be available for just 150$. A much lower price if we compare with the 300$ on Amazon. We at the Uber Smart Watch team, we really believe this is going to be really good news for the Pebble company and eventually they can start thinking on debuting their presence by increasing their capital. If you really like the way this company evolved, give a try and get a SmartWatch from Pebble.

Unboxing Pebble Smart Watch

Why the Release of Pebble SmartWatch is so important?

AT&T is the first carrier in the whole world accepting to sell the Pebble SmartWatch. This is an important mark for the SmartWatch industry as it shows that carriers are really enjoying the way SmartWatches are evoluting and they believe they will be a very famous gadget for people to buy. More than that: A gadget that will be able to compete with the Google Eye Glasses and with very good battery duration.

Hands on Pebble Smartwatch

You can find the Pebble SmartWatch on Ebay at very attractive prices.



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